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Thursday, December 23, 2010

November/December Happenings

At our November meeting we had guest speakers that night Danny and Michael Walsh from Lost n found Genealogy at Wangaratta, Victoria.

They are providing a service for Family History Groups and individuals and have somehigh end computer equipment including scanners at a3+  commercial quality laser scanners as well as high quality printers.  They also offer many other services including photo repair services, large chart printing, scanning and digitising data or recording and producing audio visual family trees. They will have access to the top 5 Family Tree programs in order to manage clients data.

They are prepared to travel to Family History Groups or individuals and give quotes on their work.

For further information contact them danny@lostnfoundgenealogy.com.au or michael@lostnfoundgenealogy.com.au

Other member suggestions for the night were:

UK certificates were available through FreeReg

Carr Villa Cemetery, Launceston, Tasmania was now online.

A member of our group had been researching a local airman Wallace Stillard who was killed in a plane crash in the 1940's at Wee Jasper. An account of the accident was in the Canberra Times and can be read here and in The Argus here.  There is also mention of this gentleman in the Airways Museum . Wallace was born in 1918 at Cobram, Victoria and the family had a farm in Barooga, NSW.

December's Meeting was our Christmas break-up dinner at the Barooga Sports Club. It was rather an eventful night with the weather blowing up and an almighty thunderstorm and downpour of rain which caused water to come flooding down the walls of the room we were have our meeting in and a was a bit of a distraction for our guest speaker to talk over.

Garry Jones from Cobram Community Enterprises spoke to our group on their program to assist communities in accessing funding through a fund raising program via the Bendigo Bank. There is assistance for particular projects and over $200 000 has been given in support to projects in the community. There are funds of up to $2000 available on a quarterly basis.

To be part of the program it is important to get the support of as many people in the community as possible. This requires them to simply pledge their Bendigo Bank account to assist this funding. The banks have these forms available or you can get more information from their website.

Other Information of Interest
Sale, Victoria Cemetery online
St Thomas Cemetery Upper Mangrove Creek - Hawkesbury Region NSW

Hope everyone has a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.
Stay tuned for more information on our group when we are back in action in February.
I might write something for my own blog in January so check that our early next year http://closeup1-myfamilyresearch.blogspot.com/

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